Support TBTN by joining our Accessibility Team!

Our accessibility team is looking for volunteers!


Accessibility at TBTN means putting survivors living with Disabilities at the centre of the organizing. It means centralizing their voices, among many others who are the most likely to experience violence; it means creating pathways where survivors are able to contribute to the event in ways that positively shape it for other survivors. Accessibility is not an afterthought. We create a systemic structure within the event that sees issues and methods of accessibility as integral to the event from the beginning. Accessibility ways during TBTN organizing and the event have historically included:

The Accessibility Team – Support Volunteer Role at Take Back
1) Meet and greet people
2) Give people with disabilities an overview of the event activities and locations
3) Offer your support
4) Always take the lead from the individual
5) Support with distributing and/or support food serving
6) Offer support to individuals when transitioning from various activities
7) Support people using mobility devices in the march if requested or directing folks where pathways are accessible to join the March

We train volunteers every year!
Training dates for this year Accessibility Team:
Tuesday, Aug 28: 6pm-8pm
Tuesday, Sept 4: 6pm-8pm
Wednesday, Sept 5: 6pm-8pm, A-Team @ Take Back The Night Meeting
Tuesday, Sept 11: 6pm-8pm, Debrief and check in about overall training and folks’ readiness
Wednesday, Sept 12: Meeting at Parkdale Legal Clinic
Take Back Night Site for Event location and Route walk finalized roles on site and schedule for Friday, Sept 14 Take Back The Night Event

Please contact to confirm training attendance or for more information
416-597-1171 ext.228 Monday-Thursday 10:30am-6pm

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