Take Back the Night 2018

Take Back the Night Toronto 2018: Housing Justice for All!

Please Join us on September 14th as we take back the night to demand safe, accessible, and dignified housing for ourselves, our loved ones, and for YOU! As survivors, we see the connection between safe homes, safe communities, and ongoing violence.

This year’s theme centres the voices of survivors who have no fixed addresses; who do not live in what we consider ‘traditional housing’; who have no fixed income; who do not have access to ACCESSIBLE housing; who experience homelessness; who have their choice to safe and affordable housing denied.

We recognize that housing is a RIGHT and not a privilege. We recognize that it is an act of violence and oppression to not be adequately housed and we celebrate the strength of those fighting for housing.

We feast with survivors who are hungry for the end of gender-based violence; who recognize the connection between violence and lack of safe housing.

We Take Back the Night and we do it without fear!

Take Back the Night Access Information:
This event is wheelchair accessible.
This event provides ASL interpretation.
This event provides deaf interpretation.
This event provides attendant care.
This event provides childcare.
This event is welcome to all genders and is trans inclusive.

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