Talking Circles: Please Join Us on Sept 15

This year we have replaced our community fair with “talking circles”. In these circles we hope to facilitate and foster conversations that help us connect with ourselves and one another.

Talking Circle Themes:

  • Radical ideas of equity: Experiencing trauma in different bodies with Lucy & Grissel
  • A Decolonized World – Intentional Engagement towards a decolonized world with Zainab Amadahy
  • Storytelling & Digital Media – Breaking down survivor silences through intergenerational mediums with Tamar & Diedre

If you would like to participate in a talking circle, please take a moment to think about which circle you would like to be in.
You are free to enter any discussion from 5:00 – 5:20. Any folks not in a talking circle at 5:20 are invited to make posters in preparation for the march!

We will have active listeners present

Please be mindful of the space we are holding together in this new initiative.

All the best,

TRCC/MWAR Collective

2 responses to “Talking Circles: Please Join Us on Sept 15”

  1. Christine says :

    Another amazing ‘Take Back The Night’ Event, filled with lots of Rhythmic Energy and Bravery! Thanks to all who came out to make this a spectacular event. Champion On. Cheers!

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